Vodka bottle in handbag! What happened to a group of young women at the airport after the security check was stopped, watch the viral video – News18 Bangla

Miami: Hand luggage should not carry more than 100 ml of liquid during the flight. This rule is known to all But despite that, many people make mistakes Accidentally left too much liquid in the bag And for that he has to go to the airport and get into trouble

Many such items have to be discarded during security checks If you have to buy some liquid items, then it is after the security check Never give more than 100 ml of liquid in handbags (Women give free vodka shots to passengers at airport).

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However, a video has recently gone viral at an airport in the United States A woman was found with a bottle of vodka in her bag, which was stopped by a security check. But the woman and her friends did not want to throw away the expensive vodka Seeing no other way, they stood in front of the security check, opened a bottle of vodka and started eating. Call and feed the other female passengers Everyone is amazed to see this act of a group of female passengers It didn’t take long for this video to go viral after it was uploaded on social media

This video is also posted on the ticket The female passengers said, “When we were not allowed to take them That’s how we fed everyone. “

Although many netizens enjoyed watching this video, many wrote, “What happened again? This is how the security check of the airport is being drunk Too bad … ”

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Perfume or deodorant spray is usually taken out of handbags at airport security checks. There are many people who try to use DO spray as much as possible before throwing it away They also allow other passengers to use it But no one remembers seeing vodka in public in front of a security checkpoint at the airport.

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