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Wedding day disaster! Laughing-happy bride vomited in a few seconds and tied the knot! – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Disaster in marriage! The smiling bride was about to vomit and fall to her death in a matter of seconds.

A recent trending video shows newlyweds Hollee Lynnea Kolenda Darnell getting extremely unprepared on their wedding day. Speaking later on the video, Linia said, “I have tried many times to tell my husband that my body is not feeling well. But he thought I was joking. ” Darnell, 23, shared a TikTok video of his wedding with friends.

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In one of the scenes in the clip, Darnell is seen holding the hand of her fianc Jackson. This video has become so trending that more than 3.6 million viewers have watched this video.

The video shows Darlene falling into her husband’s arms just as the priest was about to begin their holy wedding ceremony.

“Are you alright?” The husband wakes up to find Jackson’s question unanswered, and the priest rushes to Darlene for a quick treatment.

Although it was not possible for the audience to know what happened in the end, why the camera has moved so far away from the bride and groom by then. However, many spectators have been shocked by such incidents. Later, however, many blamed Darnell’s sudden illness on the humidity of the weather.

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After recovering, Linia shared a message telling the whole story, ‘I was trying to tell my husband that I was not feeling well, but he thought I was joking. After that, when I started vomiting, he regained consciousness. ‘ Explaining her illness, Linia said, “I was very dehydrated and didn’t eat or drink water all day, which is why it happened.”

Darnell and her husband Jackson’s honeymoon plan did not go unnoticed, but it did succeed. But Darnell and Jackson got a story to tell all their lives!

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