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Who is the last American army without the soil of Afghanistan? Find out his identity – News18 Bangla


Kabul: The last is the twenty-year war All US troops left Afghanistan and returned to the country As previously announced, the United States on Monday completed the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before the August 31 deadline. US President Joe Biden announced this in a tweet As soon as US and NATO forces left Kabul, the Taliban set off fireworks.

“Our military presence in Afghanistan is over,” Joe Biden wrote on Twitter, thanking the country’s military. In the last 17 days, our forces have carried out the largest evacuation in the history of the United States. More than 120,000 U.S. citizens, citizens of allied countries and U.S. Afghan allies have been rescued. In doing so, our military has shown unparalleled courage, professionalism and determination. “

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Despite President Biden’s remarks, General Kenneth McKenzie on behalf of the Pentagon acknowledged that the number of people expected to be rescued from Afghanistan had not been reached. On Monday, in a rescue plane from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport, the US military and commandos, as well as the US ambassador to Afghanistan, returned. Meanwhile, US forces deactivated their helicopters and planes at Kabul airport before leaving Afghanistan.

One by one, US troops boarded a fighter jet as it left Afghanistan on Monday Major General Chris Donahue boarded the plane. That picture has now spread well on social media He is the commander of the 72nd Airborne Division The long two-decade struggle is over Now it’s time to return home The joy of returning home after spending so many years in Afghanistan is different However, there are still doubts about the future of Afghanistan

The Taliban had earlier said that no foreign troops, including the United States, would be present in Afghanistan after August 31. They have an agreement with the United States to this effect Not only did the US withdraw its troops, it also cut off its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. For the time being, all the work related to this will be done from Qatar However, former President Donald Trump has sharply criticized the Biden administration for hastily declaring an end to the war. According to him, the Biden administration proved its incompetence by withdrawing troops in this way Trump has demanded the immediate return of all American equipment in Afghanistan. Trump has claimed that the combined value of which is about 75 billion US dollars

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