Wolbachia Mosquito: Great success in preventing dengue! Scientists say this ‘good mosquito’ can save many lives

#Jakarta: Outbreaks of dengue have been reported in different parts of the country. Many are being hospitalized with this disease. Sometimes it takes a deadly shape. In fact, there is virtually no cure for dengue in medical science. It is considered as a disease with which our body fights itself.

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Meanwhile, good news has come from Indonesia. Researchers there have discovered ways to breed another species of mosquito to fight dengue mosquitoes. They claim that these mosquitoes contain a type of bacteria that can fight the dengue virus.

What the new research says-

According to the Down to Earth website, the study was initiated under the World Mosquito Program. In this study, a bacterium called Wolbachia was found, which is found in more than 80 species of insects. These include certain types of mosquitoes, fruit flies, insects, dragonflies and butterflies. But these bacteria are not found in dengue-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

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According to the WMP, this new species of mosquito is called a good mosquito. Mosquitoes that spread dengue will breed with Olbachia mosquitoes to produce Olbachia mosquitoes. This mosquito is called good mosquito because of its presence of Wolbachia bacteria. Even if the mosquito bites people, it will not cause any infection.

How is the test-

Since 2016, WMP has conducted a joint study with Monash University in Australia and Gadza Mada University in Indonesia. Laboratory Olbachia mosquitoes were released in some dengue-affected areas of Indonesia. The results of the study were then published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Experiments have shown that the incidence of dengue has dropped by 7 percent since the release of the Olbachia mosquito in those areas, and the number of hospital admissions of infected people has dropped by 6 percent.

Good mosquitoes can be very effective in areas where dengue-spreading Aedes mosquitoes are found, says WMP lead researcher. Dengue has been eradicated in northern Indonesia since 2011.

Dengue is a big problem in many countries.

According to the World Health Organization, dengue has become a major problem. The disease has spread to different countries of the world including India. The disease has spread very fast in the last few decades. According to one estimate, about half the world’s population is at risk of dengue.

What is the treatment for dengue?

Dengue is a disease that has no effective medical science. According to medical science, our body fights this disease on its own. In fact, due to dengue infection, the blood of our body becomes thin. This greatly reduces the number of platelets. As the number of platelets is low, there is a risk of bleeding in the abdomen. In such a situation, people’s lives may be at risk. In such a situation, maintaining the platelet count of a dengue patient becomes the biggest challenge.

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