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#NewYork: Such incidents have probably never been heard of before. There have been allegations of unfair bills in five-star hotels or hospitals. However, netizens think that the issue that came to the fore in the tweet of a woman from the United States has never happened before. An American woman named Midge has been admitted to the hospital for a mole operation. In the tweet, he (Viral Tweet) claimed that the hospital has taken a separate bill to cry in fear at the operating table. Can you think? Paying to cry for fear (Viral Tweet)?

Bill’s invoice tweet (Viral Tweet) wrote in Midge, বিল 223 bill for sesame operation. With him, ‘Brief Emotions’, that is, crying for fear on the operating table, ১১ 11 has been charged separately in the bill. It is also clearly written in the invoice of that bill. The charge for ‘Brief Emotions’ is ড 11, which is about Tk 615. It has gone viral since Midge posted a picture of the bill on Twitter.

In a blink of an eye, the tweet got about 2 lakh likes. It has been retweeted with him many times. Netizens were shocked to see such incidents and wrote various things. Someone wrote, can’t be. Like anyone, disgusting. Many did not stop mocking the American health system. They have expressed their anger in the comments of this tweet. Netizens have mentioned that it is a crime to take money from people while providing medical services.

How much nothing goes viral on social media every day. How many pictures and videos from different parts of the world catch the eye of netizens. And if you like them, share and comment one after another. And after that they go viral. Recently, the tweet of this bill has also received a similar response on social media. This tweet has gone viral at the moment.

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