Woman fights a mountain lion in Calfornia to save her child Five-year-old child in the face of the lion, the mother jumped empty-handed! Joy is the mother power – News18 Bangla

#California: The mother can put her life on the line with a smile for her child Any hardship that can be endured The mother tries to protect the child from any danger by standing on the shield A California woman has demonstrated the power of motherhood to make this impossible possible. Fighting empty-handed, he snatched his child from the lion’s mouth

The statement came from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The woman’s five-year-old son was reportedly playing in front of a jungle home in Calabasas, Los Angeles County, on Thursday.

Suddenly a mountain lion attacked there The animal climbed on top of the child and dragged him about 45 yards Seeing the danger of the child, the woman did not think twice He jumped on the wild animal with his bare hands The unidentified woman rescued the child from her throat by hitting the lion with all her might. The animal retreated in fear The woman and her husband rushed to the local hospital with the baby Although the child suffered serious injuries to his head and other parts of his body, his condition is now reported to be stable

Upon learning of the incident, government officials went to the woman’s house They saw a mountain lion in the bushes near the house The animal was shot dead keeping in mind the safety of the locals Later, DNA tests revealed that the lion had attacked the baby Another mountain lion was also captured from the area But realizing that the animal did not attack, it was released

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