Woman jumping into the water in a swim suit, opened her wig and flew ashore! Video Super Viral | Woman Wig Falls Off As She Jumps Into Swimming Pool Viral Video– News18 Bangla

#Georgia: A woman (Women in swimming pool) got into a lot of trouble while jumping into the swimming pool with great joy. In his swim suit, he jumped into the water And then his true form appeared in front of everyone! Many people couldn’t believe it at first, then a roll of laughter arose The video went viral on social media shortly after it went viral. The woman herself fell into the water, but her wig remained on shore! And in shame, the woman’s face was hidden in the water more forcefully! Because no one knew before that he was wearing fake hair It was leaked in front of everyone Very normal, seeing this scene, no one in the neighborhood could not hold back the smile (Viral video) 6

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Events Georgia 7 A woman dressed in a swim suit and ready to go into the water Looking at the video, it seems that he is spending holidays with friends Trying to relax in the swimming pool He ran from a distance and jumped into the pool At that moment the hair of his head flew in the sky! The incident happened before everyone understood anything The woman’s wig flew in the air and got stuck by the pool The woman is floating in the water, and her hair is floating on the shore! Fake hair 7 Seeing this, everyone laughed out loud

And seeing that, everyone started saying that he didn’t want to get his hair wet, so he left the fake hair open like this! Jokingly, many more comments came up on social media However, no response was received from the woman later

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Lots of people have already watched the video and it has been shared 1600 times In other words, the video has become very popular Many people from home and abroad are watching such videos for pure pleasure Many are claiming again that the video is only for a very short time, could have been a little more! In other words, everyone wants to laugh more

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