Woman Of Isolated Town: Two days journey away to buy groceries! The whole world is amazed at this woman’s life struggle

# Yukon: You have to travel 544 km to buy grocery items. This news from Yukon, Canada is now hugely viral. Canadian nutrition coach Sinead Meader travels to a grocery store 544 km away every 6-7 weeks to buy grocery items. Because this is the nearest grocery store in Yukon where he lives. A video of Snyder Meder has recently gone viral. It shows how he has to deal with the terrifying environment and journey for 2 days to buy grocery items.

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Very few people live in the Yukon, Canada. The nearest grocery shop is 544 km away. As a result, Meder has to cross that long distance every 6-7 weeks to reach the grocery shop. No phone service is available for the entire route. Also different types of weather make this path more dangerous. The condition of this route is very bad especially during winter. But in order to survive, Synid Meder has to go through this journey.

Snyder Meder said that she always buys more cans, that is, bottled and frozen food. This is because in the weather where he lives, fresh food like fruits and vegetables cannot stay good for long. For this, he has to buy all the food that can be good in that weather. The first video posted by Snyder Federer shows how he was isolated in the grocery store. When he came to the grocery store 6 to 7 weeks later, he bought groceries for about ড 1,000 at a time. The reason is to spend as much time as possible with those things.

It didn’t take long for a video of Cinid Meder, a Yukon from Canada, to go viral. The video reveals just how frightening and dangerous the road to the grocery store, 544 km away, is. There is no way to tell anyone if the car breaks down on that road and there is any other danger. Because there is no phone service available all over the road!

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