World’s Northernmost Island: Discovering the newest land in the far north of the world! Scientists have long been successful in their search


Greenland is the northernmost land in the world. Last month, scientists discovered a new island while conducting research there. According to researchers, the island is the northernmost part of the world. For so long the island was covered with ice. As the ice melted, the island came to the attention of scientists. According to the researchers, the United States, Russia, Canada, Denmark and Norway will have shipping routes, fishing and climate change along an additional 800 kilometers (365 miles) north of the coast. Due to the melting of the northern ice, this new island has been discovered.

“Discovering new islands was not our intention,” said Morten Rasch, head of the Arctic Station research facility at Poland Explorer and Greenland. We just went there to collect samples. ” It is known that they first thought that Odaaq, discovered by the Danish survey team in 197, had reached the island. However, after searching for the exact location of their own, it was realized that they were located on a new island 60 meters to the north-west.

The new study was sponsored by the Leister Foundation, a Swiss businessman. “Everyone was happy to be on Odak Island,” he said. This incident took us back to past experiences. It was thought to have reached a certain territory as per the target, but later it was seen that new territory was discovered. It has happened again. “

This terrain is made up of sea mud, pieces of rock. The size of this island is only 30 meters. The highest point on the island is just three meters above sea level. Researchers have suggested that the new island be named “Qeqertaq Avannarleq”. In the local language of Greenland it means “the northernmost island”.

Over the past few decades, the United States has been exploring the northernmost terrain in the world. Earlier in 2006, the Arctic’s Dennis Schmitt reportedly discovered another island next to the new one. According to researchers, the effects of global warming over the decades have begun to melt the ice that has accumulated in Greenland for thousands of years. However, it cannot be said right now whether the new terrain found is an island or something else, because in order to be an island, the terrain must always be above sea level, not sinking. Scientists claim it is the last land on Earth’s North Pole. Their new findings were published in the Weekendavisen magazine in Denmark.

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