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#Kolkata: The state has brought 1 crore 33 lakh women under the benefit of Lakshmir Bhandar. Although the total number of applicants is more than one crore 71 lakhs, the state has been able to provide the facility of Lakshmir Bhandar to this huge number of women. The state has already paid for September, October and November. According to sources, the state has so far spent more than Rs 2183 crore. According to sources, 28 lakh women do not have proper accounts and their applications are not being processed properly.

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The highest number of applications (Lakshmir Bhandar) has been received in North 24 Parganas, 16 lakh 8 thousand 215. Of which 13 lakh 46 thousand 97 people have been covered under the facility. 16 lakh 21 thousand 115 applications have been submitted in South 24 Parganas. Out of which 12 lakh 40 thousand 458 people got this facility. 2 lakh 36 thousand 141 applications have been submitted in Alipurduar. Of which 2 lakh 18 thousand 550 people are getting the benefit of the project.

Bankura application (Lakshmir Bhandar) has been submitted 6 lakh 26 thousand 602. 6 lakh 1 thousand 747 people got the benefit of the project. The picture is very positive in two Medinipur. 10 lakh 89 thousand 845 applications have been submitted in East Midnapore. A total of 9 lakh 18 thousand 398 people got the benefit. 9 lakh 42 thousand 462 applications have been submitted in West Midnapore, out of which 8 lakh 10 thousand 422 people have received benefits.

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The statistics of Nadia, Hooghly and Howrah also say that Lakshmi’s store has responded well. 10 lakh 22 thousand 431 applications have been submitted for Lakshmi’s store in Nadia. And 6 lakh 54 thousand 255 people are already getting benefits. 10 lakh one thousand 743 applications have been submitted in Hughli. 8 lakh 56 thousand 238 people got the benefit. Seven lakh 74 thousand 692 applications have been submitted in Howrah. 6 lakh 82 thousand 198 people got the benefit.

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