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#Kolkata: Nabanna is angry again with the role of bank with Student Credit Card. According to the Department of Higher Education, about 25% of applications with student credit cards have been rejected and returned by multiple banks. Not only that, 75% of the rejected and returned applications are for professional courses. Higher Education Department officials could not agree with what was said as the reason for sending the news, cancellation and return.

Till October 8, it has been possible to give loans to about 2300 students through Student Credit Card. According to sources, the number may increase slightly in the last few days even though Pujo is on holiday. Already the number of applicants through student credit cards has crossed one lakh twenty thousand. The higher education department is also sending all the documents to the banks for loan approval. But even then Nabanna is angry about why the banks are canceling and sending back.

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Two days ago, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi held a virtual meeting with each district on the issue. At that meeting, he directed to form a committee headed by ADMs. The committee will look into the reasons for which the application is being rejected and the rejected and returned applications. If they do not agree with the reasons given by the bank, then the committee of ADMs will send these applications to the banks for reconsideration. Such is the news in Nabanna (Nabanna) sources. According to the Department of Higher Education, a number of state-owned banks have recently signed agreements with the state for student credit cards, but one state-owned bank has so far refused to approve the loan, despite promising to accept thousands of applications.

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The higher education department is practically worried about that. After Kali Puja, an agreement was to be signed with another state-owned bank on Student Credit Card, but it has not been possible yet. According to the higher education department, the discussion has reached the final stage. According to sources, the number of applicants through that bank is a lot. In that case, Nabanna himself is worried about why so many applications are being rejected from the banks which already have the facility to get loan through student credit card.

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