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Today, a sunshine rose in Kakveja town-suburb-Muffsball in July Sun after rain 7 Probably only Bengalis get the smell of that sun The smell of the book, the smell of the rain, the smell of madhabilata or satim flower, this sun also has a smell, what a book! Today the sun was about to rise Pujo has 100 days left! That’s it

The sculptor wrote, “We have no heaven, we have Saridon.” This could be Saridon, kissing the child’s cheek on the day of the year It could be the Saridon waiting to return home after a year, it could be the Ashtami Luchi or the Dhunuchi dance, it could be the ‘Pujo is coming’.

This time the countdown will start Those who see the dawn when they do not sleep all night, they know how the color of the sky changes They also know how to paint the city with the color of pujo And after a few days the chariot 6 Then Kathamopujo 7 That’s when the stick will fall on the cover Pujo anniversary 7 will be printed This year’s 8 will take place just above the previous year’s dusty book Then shopping 7

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Apart from the yellow color of the taxi or the red color of the red market, Kolkata has its own color, the color of Pujo. After that the patriotic pandal will start. Bamboo will fall on the road. A few days later, the autumn greetings will hang from the bamboo. Kumortuli will be torn. Khuntipujo 6 here and there The marketing company will bring a new theme song again. The child walking on the street will sit down again and say “Take mother in your lap.” The boy will erase the red color of the ice cream that has rolled down the girl’s lips. The process of returning home will start in the mess houses. Someone will sit down with the number of golfgreen pujas. Whoever does not have, he also has worship A morning will come again, Anjali, Khichuri. Pujo is the name given to the mixture of jute sari and fruit Looking sideways, sari-Punjabi, lamp in awkward hands, ‘Here khichuri has started giving’, and anxious no baina- ‘I will not let go’.

Then the farewell watch 7 The wait of 365 days will end in 4 days From the edge of the earth, the sound of all the ends of the blue sky echoes forever, “I will not let go. I will not let go.” Barely says “I will not go”. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Today, the clouds move away and the dry stars are seen on the eastern horizon Today, let love come to the ceremony Let the streams along the river shine in that sun The color of the pain will remain blue, let’s just change the colors of pujo Those who want to sleep and forget their grief, they wait, ‘Kire and how many days? ‘

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