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100 Days work: Money does not match 100 days work, Trinamool Congress in movement from today


#Kolkata: Complaint of non-payment of arrears of 100 days work. Today and tomorrow, the Trinamool Congress is taking to the streets against the Center. Today and tomorrow, under the direction of party leader Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress will hold processions in blocks and wards.

According to the state panchayat office, the rest of the state owes money for the last nine months. In all, seven thousand 29 crore 46 lakh rupees are due. But they allege that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has unjustly withheld it. Trinamool has taken a program to take to the streets due to lack of money. Today and tomorrow, June 7, the Trinamool will agitate across the state against the withholding of 100 days’ work money. State Panchayat Minister Pulak Roy has decided to write a letter to the Center along with him. He said, “The total number of job cards in the state is 1 crore 43 lakhs. The number of effective job cards is one crore and four lakh. None of this is false. For various reasons, 39 lakh job card holders do not come to work. So all this has been said just to keep the money.

Although two months have passed in the current financial year, the central government is not giving an account of Labor Day. This time I have given a letter to the Ministry of Rural Development on 22nd February for 32.14 crore Labor Day. But they have not made a sound yet. So it is not us, it is the Modi government that is breaking the rules. We are also sending a letter to the Minister of Rural Development again stating our demands and information. So that the money of one hundred days is sent to our state very quickly.

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However, as a total person worked, Bengali is at the top among all the states of the country. In other words, in the fiscal year 2021-22, the highest number of 100 days of employment has been created in this state. That number is 1.1 crore, which set a precedent across the country on Sunday. Under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, West Bengal ranks second in creating Human Day. Bengali has won the first place in the workforce.

State Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Pulak Roy hinted at this during the budget session of the state assembly. The central government’s report after March 31 proved that. In the current financial year till March 31, a total of 36,42,46,596 man-days have been created in the state under the 100-day work project. The state ranks first in labor force. A few days ago, Pulak Roy, the state’s panchayat minister, said in the assembly, “West Bengal is the first state in the country in terms of manpower and has so far been able to employ a total of 1,07,98,452 workers under the MNREGA project.” And the number given by the central government till March 31 is 1112174.


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