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100 Days Work || What kind of work will these 100 day trained ‘Ei’ workers get in this bar? Know that you too …


#Kolkata: The state government has decided to use 100-day workers in different jobs with proper training. The Chief Minister himself has spoken of using 100 days of work for various purposes. The district administration has also started planning how to do this in the districts. This time the Horticulture Department of Calcutta Municipality played a leading role in that work. In addition to maintaining the beauty of the city, this department of the Calcutta Municipality has planted and maintained enough trees. Many civil servants were permanently caring for the trees and other scientific methods in the parks and nurseries under the Calcutta Municipality.

However, the idea was to use 100 days of staff to fill the void that was being created after their retirement. Similarly, 100-day-old workers will be used in various parks and nurseries under the municipality with hands-on training to be used for tree maintenance and conservation. This training camp has started in all the boroughs of the city from the 24th. Those who used to do road cleaning or weed cleaning in parks, will now grow trees scientifically in various nurseries and parks in Kolkata Municipality. These workers will fill the vacancies created by the retirement of permanent gardeners.

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Certificates of training are also being handed over to them so that they can do this work in a private place even when there is no work for 100 days of the year. KMC’s DG Udyan Debashis Kar claimed that the training camp was being organized under the direction of Mayor Parishad (Udyan) Debashis Kumar. A workshop is being organized for 4 workers from each ward of the city. The workshop was held from May 24-30. It is hoped that this initiative will be taken up by other departments and other departments of the state administration.

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