#Kolkata: The transport department ordered to remove the bus stand from Babughat On Monday, the secretary of the Kolkata regional transport department wrote a letter to various bus-minibus owners’ organizations. According to the guidelines, the bus stand has to be shifted from Babughat to Howrah swimming pool within 14 days.

The bus terminus has been built in Santragachi for a long time The court has ordered to remove the bus stand from Babughat in multiple environmental cases The bus stand at Babughat is also blamed for the pollution at Maidan, Victoria Memorial. Babughat Chattar is also getting dirty due to the presence of bus stand

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At the moment, long distance buses leave from Babughat Apart from this, some private buses plying from Kolkata to the suburbs also leave from Babughat. According to the Department of Transportation, all these buses have to move to Santragachi within 14 days.

The Department of Transportation has issued guidelines to several organizations, including the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates, the Bengal Bus Syndicate, and the Bus Minibus Owners Association. In the past, there were efforts to remove the bus stand, but in the end it did not happen It remains to be seen whether this will be effective in the end after this instruction of the transport department

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