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16 medicines can be bought without a doctor’s prescription These 16 medicines can be brought without prescription – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Do not try to do your own medicine! All the doctors warned again and again. The doctors advised to buy the medicine only after showing the prescription. However, this time the central government is going to bring some changes in this rule to protect the interests of the common people. After this change, customers will be able to buy 16 types of medicines directly without a prescription. The center is following the policy of over-the-counter sale with this first drug. Buyers will also be able to buy up to 16 medicines from online drug dealers.

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The Union Ministry of Health has recently issued a notification in this regard. According to the new circular, the 16 medicines include paracetamol 500 mg, some medicines for stomach problems, from anti-fungal creams and anti-fungal creams. The new decision of the Union Ministry of Health is to know the reaction of the general public in this regard.

At present in many drug stores in our country, even if multiple drugs are available without a doctor’s prescription, there are no specific rules for it. According to the existing drug laws in the country, there has been no movement to sell drugs over the counter till now. Once this rule is in place, there will be no more barriers to buying or selling drugs without a prescription from a drug store.

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Although there is no restriction on purchasing 16 medicines without a prescription, the Union Ministry of Health has given some essential conditions in this notification. The sellers will not be able to give the medicine to the buyer for more than five days without a prescription, the notification said. If it does not cure any of the specific problems, then the patient must be advised to seek medical advice immediately. It also states that each packet sold must contain the necessary information.

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