#Kolkata: Accident at Maa Flyover again on Sunday night (Accident at Maa Flyover). The accident took place when three vehicles collided in a row. The vehicles were seized by Pragati Maidan Police (Accident at Maa Flyover).

According to police sources, a car hit the back of a taxi on its way to the bypass from Park Circus around 11:30 pm on Sunday, and the taxi hit the back of another vehicle, injuring two occupants (Accident at Maa Flyover). Police arrested the vehicle at 3 p.m. The video of the whole incident was uploaded on the mobile phone by 3 passengers in the back car. They said that they went out for a walk with three friends and the incident took place in front of their eyes (Accident at Maa Flyover). As seen in the video taken by them, a taxi hit a car in front of them. Unable to control the car behind them, they hit the taxi in front of them. At that time, two passengers in the taxi were injured.

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Accidents on the mother flyover are not new. Despite surveillance, there is no gain. Sometimes accidents due to reckless speed, sometimes bikers have to get hit on the Chinese manja on the flyover. In October last year, the rider fell off the bike due to reckless speed. The accident took place at around 1 pm on the Chingrighata ramp on the Ma flyover just in front of the ITC hotel. According to police sources, the victim was an army worker. Bottles of liquor were recovered from the spot. Maa Uralpul was also a witness of a terrible accident in Pujo. On the night of the ninth, a group of young men were going to see Tagore on a bike. Allegedly, the reckless speed of the bike caused sudden loss of control. Four bike riders were injured in the accident.

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About four months before the incident, a motorbike lost control and overturned on the way to the mother’s flyover at Seven Point in Park Circus via AGC Bose Road. The biker fell from there. Upon receiving the news, the traffic police rescued him. He was taken to SSKM Hospital. But doctors pronounced him dead.

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