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#Kolkata: The state health department has imposed stricter restrictions on returning passengers to prevent Omicron infection. From now on, everyone returning home will have to stay in Home Isolation for a total of 22 days. Even if the corona test report is negative, this guideline must be followed

The RTPCR test was arranged at the airport for the returning passengers If the test result was negative then the passengers would not have to abide by any restrictions But from now on, even if the result of the corona test at the airport is negative, the passengers returning from abroad will have to stay in seclusion at home for eight days in the first phase.

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At this time every day the concerned municipality and panchayat have to keep a close watch on the returning passengers. After eight days, the passengers returning from abroad will have to undergo RT-PCR test again

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Even if the result of this test is negative, there will be no salvation Passengers returning from abroad will have to stay at home isolation for another 14 days even if the Corona test results are negative.

If a passenger’s corona test result is positive, then the concerned passenger has to be admitted to the hospital compulsorily. Samples must also be sent for genome sequencing to determine omikron Strict surveillance has also been ordered on the family members of the victims and their passengers.

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