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3 cctv cameras were not working in front of the house were the murder took place – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The bloody bodies of the husband and wife were recovered yesterday at 63 A Harish Mukherjee Road near Mitra Institute in Bhabanipur. According to police sources, the husband’s name is Ashok Shah. He is a stock market worker by profession. Wife Reshmi Shah was a housewife.

Investigators are currently examining footage of six CCTV cameras installed at a doctor’s house a short distance from the house of the deceased Gujarati couple. So the detectives are now looking at the CCTV camera footage of a doctor’s house nearby. Most of the CCTV cameras in the Harish Mukherjee Road area do not work due to lack of maintenance. Officers from the Scientific Wing of the Kolkata Police used 3D imaging at the scene. Use this sophisticated method to get predictions about events. It is seen which way the assassin came, which way he went out, what happened, what was the situation. Earlier, the 3D method was used by the CBI in the Bogutui case, before that it was used in multiple complex cases like Subir Chakki murder in Goriyahat, Arsalan car accident, death of Arjun Chaurasia in Kashipur and Haridebpur murder.

Whose hand is in the murder of Bhabanipur couple? Has anyone known been killed professionally? Did the assassins know that the CCTV camera in front of the house was broken? Murder by pre-planning? Lalbazar detectives are investigating the whole matter. The initial guess of the police is that he was killed for the purpose of robbery. However, investigators are still unsure of the motive behind the brutal killings. Panic spread in the area after the incident. How to kill in high profile zone? There are also questions about security.


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