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#Kolkata: The third wave of the Corona can also overwhelm the horrific image of the time of the second wave. The number of daily attacks in the state could reach 35 to 36 thousand (Covid 19 Third Wave). State Health Officer Ajay Chakraborty has written to private hospitals warning them to prepare for the situation.

The state health department has also admitted that Omicron infection has spread locally in Kolkata. At the same time, however, he hoped that the situation would worsen in the third wave and that it would be brought under control within three months.

The number of daily corona cases in the state has crossed 2,000 on Thursday After the month of June, the number of daily attacks again crossed 2,000 But the state health department thinks the number is nothing In the next few days, the number of daily attacks may increase several times and exceed thirty thousand

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The state health department held a high-level meeting yesterday to discuss the third wave of corona. Letters were also sent to private hospitals at district level and in government hospitals to build infrastructure to deal with the situation. Hospitals have been instructed to maintain adequate infrastructure to cope with the large number of patients, indicating how dire the situation could be.

“The number of coronary heart disease cases has doubled in the last few days,” the health department said in a letter to private hospitals. Especially in Kolkata, there is evidence of local transmission of Omicron Five victims were found with no information on whether they were traveling or leaving the country.

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“We all know Omicron is three to five times more contagious,” the letter said. It’s just a spark of fire, maybe very soon or within a week we’re going to get into serious trouble again. So we need to be prepared to prevent re-infection and to cope with the huge number of coronary patients in hospitals and safe homes. ‘

The health official wrote in the letter that during the first wave of corona, the number of daily infections increased slowly. On October 20, the number of daily attacks was 4,100 The speed of transmission in the second wave was much higher At that time the number of daily attacks reached 20 to 22 thousand Hospitals were later warned, “This time the number of daily attacks could be much higher than the second wave, reaching 30,000 to 35,000.”

With this warning, hospitals have been advised to be prepared and all health workers should be on standby. The health official, however, hoped in the letter that the outbreak of the third wave of corona would not last for more than two to three months. As a result, the state health official hopes that the situation will be brought under control between March and April.

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