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#Kolkata: Even in winter, the heat is rising in Kolkata. Because, pre-vote. Kolkata is in extreme cold on Tuesday, and in that cold, the counting of preliminary votes (KMC Election Results) will start from 8 am on Tuesday. That is why there is virtually no way to fly outside the counting center at Netaji Indoor Stadium. According to the Kolkata police, 600 policemen have been deployed outside the counting center. There will be two Joint Commissioners, two Deputy Commissioners and four Assistant Commissioners in charge of security at the counting center. Such is the appearance of all counting centers. A total of two thousand police personnel, one thousand officers deployed in the city.

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As a result of the pre-poll in 2015, the Left got 15 seats in Kolkata Municipality. The BJP won seven seats, the Congress five and others three. The Trinamool formed the Calcutta Purbord after winning 114 seats. This time the situation is completely different. Earlier voting was done before the assembly election, this time voting is being done after the assembly election. Trinamool has won a huge victory in the assembly elections. That vote will have an impact on the Kolkata city elections, it is thought. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections.

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Final preparations have been underway outside the various counting centers since Tuesday morning. The strong rooms of almost all the counting centers started opening at 7.30 am. One by one, the counting agents of different parties started entering through the three-tier security zone. Videography is done. 16 places have been fixed as counting centers for Kolkata polls. The look was the same everywhere on Tuesday. It is learned that no ban has been imposed on celebrating the result of the election this time. And after a few hours, it will be understood exactly who, where will be drunk at the victory celebration.

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