7 killed in reckless car crash in Chingrighata

#Kolkata: A car hit seven people, including a cyclist, at a reckless speed at the Chingrighata intersection. One of the injured died The condition of another person is critical The car tried to flee after the accident but was caught by the police

The accident took place at around 4.30 pm on the EM bypass at Chingrighata junction. According to eyewitnesses, pedestrians and cyclists were crossing the road when the signal turned red. Allegedly, at that time, the deadly car was coming at a reckless speed from the direction of Science City at Chingrighata junction. Allegedly, the car did not stop even though the signal was red Instead, the car lost control and first hit a cyclist After that, the car hit six more pedestrians one by one

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Soon after the accident, the police rescued the injured and took them to a nearby private hospital One seriously injured person died there Although the identity is known, the age of the deceased is known to be forty years Besides, the condition of a woman injured in the accident is also alarming The other five injured are also undergoing treatment at the same hospital

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The driver of the car tried to flee through Salt Lake after the accident But after getting the news of the accident, the police quickly identified the car and caught it. Bidhannagar South Police Station 7 The driver of the vehicle was also detained Besides the driver, there was another female passenger in the car

Initially, the police said that the driver lost control of the vehicle due to reckless speed He told the police that he tried to apply the brakes of the car as the signal suddenly turned red But he accidentally pressed 8 in the car accelerator As a result, the speed of the car suddenly increased and an accident occurred

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