#Kolkata: Two factions of the Trinamool Congress clashed in front of the house of Trinamool MP Saugat Roy. The quarrel escalated to the point where the senior Trinamool MP came out of the house and called the police. Tensions were high at Lake Gardens in South Kolkata on Monday morning over the incident The Trinamool MP from Dumdum has also admitted in front of the media that the riots started with the help of the syndicate.

Saugat Roy has been living in this house in Lake Gardens for decades It is learned that a quarrel broke out between two grassroots groups over the demolition of a house in the same area. The bloody incident took place in front of the MP’s house Saugatbabu came out of the house after hearing screams and shouting Seeing the fight going on, he called the Lake police station Upon receiving the news, a large police force rushed to the spot

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Police admitted some injured people to the hospital A total of ten people have been arrested in the incident, police said

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MP Saugat Roy is quite angry and upset over the incident He also admitted in front of the media that there was a commotion about the syndicate The veteran MP also lamented that he had never seen such an incident in the neighborhood where he lives.

A few days ago, two grassroots factions clashed on the battlefield over the issue of syndicate. In the case of Lake Gardens, the police rushed to the spot after receiving the phone call of the MP Otherwise, the riots could have taken a bigger shape

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