Aadhaar Registration in WB Schools | Emergency registration of students before Pujo! Big announcement states

#Kolkata: This time the state government will also register Aadhaar for school children. The state school education department is starting a pilot project for him from October 1. Initially, this work will be done for the registration of students from ninth to twelfth class. However, although the guidelines do not specify the reasons for this enrollment, it is believed that the enrollment is primarily to facilitate government projects.

Although the pilot project was started before Pujo, the guideline states that the pilot project will continue after Pujo. District school inspectors of different districts have already started sending necessary instructions to the headmasters in this regard, according to the school education department.

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The guidelines state that students who do not have Aadhaar card should register their names in the “Bangla Education” portal. This registration will continue from 10 am to 5 pm. According to the guidelines of the school education department, the registration will be done as per the instructions of the state home department. The state school education department has also given eight-point instructions on how to do this dark enrollment work.

At the time of Aadhaar registration, the parents have to inform the parents in advance when the Aadhaar registration will take place and where it will take place, the school education department said in the guidelines. For this, every school has to be informed through a banner when the Aadhaar registration of any student will be done.

Basically this dark registration can be done in school premises, SI office, BDO office. On the day of Aadhaar registration, the headmaster of the school and the concerned teachers should be present at the centers. The guidelines also state that the UIDAI authorities will provide Aadhaar kits for this pilot project. However, the registration will be done from October 1 to October 7, but it will be done after the Pujo holiday, the school education department said in the guidelines.

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