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#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress (Bhabainpur Election Results) has been undoubted from the beginning with the Chief Minister’s victory in Bhabanipur. The only concern was the winning margin After counting the first six-seven rounds in Bhabanipur, the Trinamool leadership also lost its doubts about the victory margin of the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee). Mamata Banerjee (Leading by Huge Margin in Bhabanipur) is leading with more than 26,000 votes at the end of the first eight rounds. Abhishek Banerjee arrived at the Chief Minister’s residence to ensure victory by a large margin. At the end of eleven rounds, the Chief Minister has gone ahead with more than 33,000 votes

Trinamool’s Shobhandev Chattopadhyay won just over 26,000 seats from the Bhabanipur constituency in the 2021 assembly elections. The BJP’s goal was to keep the Chief Minister’s victory margin below it In reality, however, the BJP’s figure did not match 7 On the contrary, the margin of victory in the 2011 by-elections, whether Mamata Banerjee will overtake him this time, is now being discussed in the political arena.

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Abhishek Banerjee was at his house on Hazra Road since this morning After counting the first few rounds, he left for Mamata Banerjee’s house in Kalighat at the behest of the Chief Minister. This time, Abhishek Banerjee played an important role in the election campaign of the Chief Minister in Bhabanipur. Besides holding a workers’ meeting in Bhabanipur on behalf of Mamata, he also addressed a public meeting He also played an important role in formulating the strategy of victory of the Chief Minister

“The turnout was good,” Abhishek said as he walked out of the polls on election day last Thursday. That was an indication that the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool was very confident about the Chief Minister’s victory by a wide margin. However, Mamata Banerjee, like other voters, was at her Kalighat home this morning

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