Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee is campaigning for the party’s two star candidates in the Lok Sabha and Assembly by-elections. Today, on Thursday afternoon, he will do a road show as the party candidate Babul Supriyo (Balul Supriyo) in the Baliganj Assembly by-election.

Abhishek Bandyopadhyay will do this road show from Baliganj outpost to Mallikbazar at 2 pm. All the MLAs of Kolkata can be present in the campaign. Besides, all the leaders of South Kolkata District Trinamool will be present in this road show. On the other hand, he will do a road show in Asansol on April 9. He is supposed to do this road show along about 3 and a half km road. Malay Ghatak and Anubrat Mandal, the leaders in charge of Asansol Lok Sabha elections, have already asked the party workers to start preparations for the issue. The two star candidates are campaigning every day like themselves.

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Basically they are preaching in small processions and staff meetings. On the one hand the test is going on, on the other hand it is very hot. So the two candidates are trying to improve the public relations by holding a procession or road show in the afternoon. Several grassroots leaders and activists are participating in these campaigns.

Abhishek Banerjee is the All India General Secretary of the party. At the same time, he is being called as one of the masterminds of the Trinamool victory in the 2021 Bengal Assembly elections. Abhishek Banerjee has launched a political attack on the BJP on several issues. He even appeared after being summoned by the central agency at various times. He termed the whole chapter as a political conspiracy of the BJP. As a result, in this situation, the ruling party thinks that the last chapter of the election campaign is quite politically significant.

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Baliganj assembly seat is a strong base of Trinamool. Known as the seat of Subrata Mukherjee. However, both the Left and the BJP are pushing for the seat. Trinamool Congress candidate Munmun Sen lost the 2019 Lok Sabha polls in Asansol. The Trinamool fell behind in all the assembly seats in this Lok Sabha constituency. However, in the 2021 assembly vote, the Trinamool went ahead in that assembly. Even the Trinamool has done well in the Asansol Pur elections. Besides, there are Hindi-speaking votes in this Lok Sabha seat. As a result, the Trinamool Congress wants to make a bet with the enemy Sinha.

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