#Kolkata: The last Durgapujo. Diwali is two weeks away. Before that, worship again in Bengal. This time the Trinamool Congress (TMC) jumped into the Pujo campaign. Jora Phul Shibir started the campaign with a special goal. And the top leaders of the party are also going in this campaign. Abhishek Banerjee will hold a meeting at Gosaba and Kharagpur today. This time it is the turn of West Bengal By Election 2021 for four seats. The BJP won two of the four seats again.

It is learned that he will go to Kharadaha and Gosaba to campaign from noon today. After that, on October 25 and 26, he will campaign in the other two centers, namely Dinhata and Shantipur. The meeting will be held at Gosaba at 1 pm. The meeting will be held at 3 pm. The list of star campaigners has already been announced by the Trinamool. The grassroots leadership has asked them to join the campaign.

For example, Firhad Hakim went to Kochbihar. He started preaching there during the day. Perth Chatterjee is holding meetings in the other three centers. BJP’s Nishith Pramanik won in Dinhata. He got 116035 votes. Udayan Guha of Trinamool lost. He got 11596 votes. Nishith Pramanik, MP, now Union Minister. He resigned as MLA. So voting is taking place in this center.

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Trinamool candidate Jayant Naskar won in Gosaba constituency. He got about 104656 votes. BJP candidate Varun Pramanik lost. He got 61515 votes. Voting here is due to the death of MLA Jayant Naskar. Trinamool candidate Kajal Sinha won in Kharadha constituency. He got 69706 votes. BJP candidate Shilbhadra Dutt lost. He got 617 votes. Voting in this center is due to the death of Kajal Sinha.

BJP candidate Jagannath Sarkar won in Shantipur constituency. He got 109622 votes. Trinamool candidate Ajay Dey lost. He got 93744 votes. Jagannath Sarkar wants to be an MP. He resigned as MLA. That is why voting is taking place in this center.

Abir Ghoshal

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