Abhishek Banerjee becomes last speaker at Mamata Banerjee rally: Abhishek Banerjee becomes last speaker at Mamata Banerjee rally

#Kolkata: Did Abhishek Banerjee start a new innings from Mamata Banerjee’s election campaign? In Kalighat, at least the same hint was received from the Chief Minister’s campaign platform. This is probably the first time that Abhishek (Abhishek Banerjee becomes the last speaker at a Mamata Banerjee rally) after Mamata Banerjee.

In the presence of Mamata Banerjee, the party leader usually speaks at the end of any public meeting. This is the grassroots (TMC) party style Other top leaders of the party spoke before Mamata Banerjee Abhishek Banerjee was no exception But on this day, the opposite picture was seen

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Mamata Banerjee held two public rallies on the day to campaign for the Bhabanipore By-Election. Abhishek 7 was present at the first public meeting at Jadubabur Bazar He spoke before the Chief Minister The next meeting of the Chief Minister was at Kalighat after Jadubabur Bazar Abhishek was not supposed to go there But Trinamool’s all-India general secretary reached there at the last minute

When Abhishek arrived, the Chief Minister’s speech was almost towards the end The Chief Minister said that he was the one who called Abhishek After surprising everyone, Mamata called Abhishek to speak He is the one who says, Abhishek will say 7 till 7

Abhishek 7 spoke after Mamata When his speech was over, it was seven o’clock in the evening After the speech, Abhishek bowed to the Chief Minister on the stage

The Chief Minister has long said that he has prepared the next three generations to lead the grassroots. Abhishek led the party from the front along with Mamata Banerjee in the Assembly elections The rush of party organization is now in his hands It is clear in the party’s strategy after the Assembly vote that the Trinamool will spread new organizations across the country with Abhishek in mind. The Trinamool has been fighting for power in states like Tripura, first appointing Abhishek as the party’s all-India general secretary.

Abhishek himself has said more than once that he wants to fulfill the organizational responsibility to make the team stronger Along with Mamata, Abhishek is now becoming the face of the grassroots in the whole country At her campaign rally in Bhabanipur on the day, the Trinamool leader publicly hinted that Abhishek would not only hand over the microphone, but also hand over the party’s baton.

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