#Kolkata: Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee flew to Delhi. Abhishek also made it clear that he was responding to the ED’s call in the Coal Case. On Monday, September 6, the ED summoned Abhishek and his Rujira. Rujira, however, had earlier written to the ED informing him to appear at the ED office in Kolkata in Corona-Abe. And Abhishek’s trip to Delhi on that day proved that he is not backing down from the ‘fight’. Asked if he was going to the ED at the airport that day, he said, “Six months have passed since what I said in November. I am still in my position.” I said in a public meeting that if any central body can give evidence against me, then there is no need to impose ED CBI against me. Speaking of such a big corruption, if a transaction of 10 paise can prove or bring to the public, I don’t have to put ED CBI behind me. Tell me on the gallows, I’m willing to die. I am saying the same thing today. ‘

Earlier, the CBI had interrogated Rujira Narula at Abhishek Banerjee’s house in Kalighat, Santiniketan. Abhishek’s sister-in-law Menaka Gambhir, her husband and father-in-law were also questioned. This time ED has summoned Abhishek. Which has caused a stir in national politics as well. Abhishek said, ‘I am ready to face any investigation. But why not bring something in public. Why did you call me in Delhi over the Kolkata incident? But I will go to Delhi. I’m going. ‘

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Abhishek then directly attacked the BJP, adding, “Unable to deal with the defeat politically, the Trinamool Congress has now resorted to vindictive politics and the BJP leaders have no choice but to leave the investigating agencies behind.” I will tell them that none of your leaders should come, fix any channel with me, sit with me, how a central body has worked in five years, what a tragic outcome of India during your seven years of rule, if I can’t prove it, I will enter politics. No. ‘

Abhishek has once again demanded that the evidence against him be made public. “If there is anything against me, you should bring it to the notice of the people. When you are seen taking money to get your hands on shamelessly, then cataracts fall on the eyes of the CBI. Says. ‘

To the tune of the challenge, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool added, ‘The Trinamool cannot be suppressed in this way. Trinamool Congress will not bow 1 inch. I can go with your words, we will not sell the spine anyway. ‘

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