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Abhishek Banerjee: ‘No’ abroad, Abhishek Banerjee in the High Court! All eyes are on the afternoon …


#Kolkata: Abhishek Banerjee seeks emergency hearing in High Court Vivek Chowdhury has given permission for an emergency hearing to the MP of Diamond Harbor. The judge will hear the urgent application of Abhishek at 2 pm today. The ED sent Abhishek Banerjee to Delhi for coal smuggling. There, Abhishek Banerjee was interrogated by ED officers. Abhishek went to the Supreme Court to call for questioning in Calcutta instead of calling Eddy in Delhi.

Responding to Abhishek’s plea, the apex court said that the ED would interrogate Abhishek in Kolkata if necessary in the investigation of coal smuggling. From June 3 to June 10, Abhishek Banerjee sent a letter to the ED stating that he had not been summoned for coal smuggling. In the north, ED forbade him to leave the country. Abhishek Banerjee appeared in court on Thursday to seek a stay on the ED’s ban. ED is preventing Abhishek from going abroad for treatment.

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Abhishek Banerjee will have to go to Dubai for treatment on June 3. Abhishek’s lawyer Saptangshu Bose pointed out that Abhishek’s eye treatments would be damaged if he could not go abroad on Friday. Responding to Abhishek’s plea, the judge said he would hear the case today. The hearing of Abhishek’s case will be held on Thursday at 2 pm.

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The ED has already arrested three people in coal smuggling cases in the state. Bikash Mishra, Police Inspector Ashok Mishra and Gurupad Maji were arrested. Gurupada Maji was arrested a few days ago. Earlier, Abhishek and his wife Jaya were interrogated by the CBI. ED went down in the investigation and found the whereabouts of several Shikhandi companies. ED speculates that there is a link between this Shikhandi company and coal smuggling. Coal smuggling with Shikhandi companies and the recent arrest of Gurupada Maji, a close associate of Anup Maji alias Lala. The central government estimates that Anup Maji is the real ring of coal smuggling.

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