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Abhishek Banerjee on Goa | In Goa, we will fight alone


#Kolkata: He told a press conference on the day of his victory in the Assembly elections that the expansion of Lakhs was only one party at present. In the race to fulfill that goal, the team has made a big donation today. Abhishek Banerjee, who has fielded former Goa chief minister Luisinho Falerio in the party, made it clear that he was not only steadfast in his goal, but also 100 per cent sure that the Trinamool would take over the land in the future. Abhishek Banerjee on Goa message from Abhishek Banerjee, “We will fight alone in Goa.”

With the turn of the Assembly elections, Abhishek turned his attention to tidying up houses in Tripura. Keeping regular contact with the staff there. One more destination for him today. Abhishek said, “There is less time on hand. But the people of Goa have faded up. They are upset.”

“We have lost the BJP continuously. I will be going to Goa soon. We are protesting on the streets. Not just on social media. We will continue the movement against the BJP,” Abhishek said. Abhishek’s announcement, TMC will fight alone in Goa

Political observers argue that Abhishek is saying this with a lot of thought. Not only the former chief minister of the party from Goa has joined, the list includes the names of many Raghabboyals. They are very familiar faces in Guyanese society.

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So Abhishek (Abhishek Banerjee on Goa) will go to Goa after arranging the ballot, at least he doesn’t have to start from scratch like in Tripura. And if Goa gets good results in the upcoming assembly elections, it will make the grassroots more relevant at the all-India level before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections – he can’t wait to talk. In that case, Mamata Banerjee will be the best in the crown of the alliance. According to observers, this is the theory of grassroots expansion.

He is taking the Congress in one hand if he needs to make his debut. He is making it clear that the Congress is not the enemy, but he is not shying away from saying that the Congress is upset. Today, Abhishek said, “If the Congress does not take to the streets, we will not sit at home. We want to defeat the BJP.” Even today, he is heard to say in a slightly arrogant tone, “In the last seven years, we have repeatedly lost to the BJP. And the BJP has lost to the Congress.”

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