Abhishek Banerjee: Poisoned teachers went to meet Abhishek! What happened is unthinkable …

#Kolkata: On August 24, five teachers tried to commit suicide by consuming poison in protest of transfer in front of Bikash Bhaban in Salt Lake. The unfortunate incident took place during the protest of the protesting teachers in front of Bikash Bhaban. When the police tried to stop them, five teachers tried to commit suicide by consuming poison. They also fell ill immediately. Police took all five to hospital. They have finally recovered. Then on Sunday, the teachers reached the house of Trinamool All India General Secretary and MP Abhishek Banerjee. But Abhishek was not at home at that time. They were informed by the police. After that the five teachers were taken to Kalighat police station. There, the police officers of Kalighat Police Station welcomed the five teachers with flowers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. One teacher, however, is still hospitalized.

Why the meeting with the All India General Secretary of the ruling party of the government in which the five teachers ate poison in anger against the decision of the government? The teachers said that they went to Abhishek Banerjee to talk about their problems. Although they did not meet Abhishek, they said they were appalled by the use of police by him.

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By the way, those five teachers are members of Oikya Mancha. This teachers’ organization has been protesting against the transfer of teachers for a long time. Earlier, they also protested in front of Navanna. Their protest was even seen in front of the house of Education Minister Bratya Basu. The protesting teachers had complained that they had been transferred as a punishment for protesting. Based on this allegation, the five teachers went to protest in front of Bikash Bhaban. But on that day, the five teachers were impressed by the honor they got when they went to meet Abhishek Banerjee.

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