Abhishek Banerjee to BJP: ‘Wishes for a wordless Diwali’

#Kolkata: Recently, the Supreme Court banned the burning of fireworks in Diwali. After winning four by-elections, Abhishek Banerjee mocked the BJP and brought up the issue. He wrote on Twitter, “Literally, without words, I wish Diwali to the activist workers of BJP.”

Abhishek’s tweet

By the time Abhishek tweeted today, it was clear that the BJP had no hope in the four constituencies. Mamata Banerjee herself tweeted. Mamata Banerjee wrote on Twitter, “This victory is the victory of the people. People have chosen development over false propaganda and hatred.” With the blessings of the people in mind, we will try to take Bengal higher.

Mamata Banerjee’s tweet

Abhishek instructed the party workers not to hold any victory rally with this victory. The High Command is keeping a close watch to ensure that no violent situation is created after the victory.

According to the relevant commission, the bail of the BJP has been confiscated in all the three centers. In centers like Shantipur, where the Trinamool could not cut its mark even in the storm of change of 2011, the Trinamool has snatched an easy victory in the last assembly. Trinamool candidate Subrata Naskar has won in Gosaba by one lakh 43 thousand 51 votes. Shobhandev Chattopadhyay won in Kharada by a margin of 93,632 votes. Udayan Ghosh has set a new record in Dinhata. His victory margin is 1 lakh 64 thousand 69 votes. Trinamool is wary after this huge victory because there has been a lot of controversy over post-poll violence after the just-concluded assembly vote. The grassroots in no way want this past to be repeated.

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