#Kolkata: Expansion of the empire in the virtual world is the main goal of the grassroots (TMC). Abhishek Banerjee, the all-India president of the Trinamool Congress, also opened an account on the new social media Ku. Abhishek Banerjee will be seen playing an active role here in the coming days. Note that the five-faced Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself praised this app. Many BJP leaders are using this app. Trinamool wants to create existence on this platform by understanding the potential of the app.

Trinamool activists believe that Abhishek Banerjee created everything from market research to party strategy on social media. It was his free movement on social media that led the Trinamool to a much-needed victory in the 2021 Assembly elections. Abhishek also forced leaders who were not as active on Twitter or Facebook to be active on Twitter. Leaders are seen tweeting five times a day. The result is hand in hand. Fanbase is made of many grassroots leaders.

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Meanwhile, this app is gaining popularity in the country. That is why Ku has an account of the All India Trinamool, the Tripura unit of the Trinamool. This time Abhishek is also starting a new innings in Ku

Twitter has a lot in common with Ku-y. Any text can be posted using a maximum of 400 characters. Not only BJP or Trinamool, but also several Congress leaders use Ku. This app may become a platform for political struggle in the coming days.

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