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AC did not work in the crowd, admit Firhad! PM angry over allegations – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Nazrul Mancha’s AC 7 did not work on Tuesday due to excessive crowd Prime Minister Firhad Hakim practically accepted it KMDA is in charge of maintaining the Nazrul Mancha, where KK performed his last rites on Tuesday.

There are about two and a half thousand seats in Nazrul Mancha Allegedly, more than 7,000 people had gathered to watch the KK program on Tuesday The situation is such that the air conditioning system of the auditorium has not worked The five doors of the auditorium were forced to open The audience also felt uncomfortable in the breathing situation Allegedly, in this suffocating situation, KK7 became even sicker while singing

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However, the Prime Minister did not agree to blame the chaotic situation for KK’s death Admitting that the air conditioning system did not work, the minister argued, ‘AC was right But what can be done if 8000 people enter instead of 2600 people? The heat increases more than the human breath That’s why the door had to be kept open

You create controversy whenever there is any death. Nothing much has happened here. ” After that, Firhad added, ‘When that car’s call comes! I can’t stay after a while either. ‘

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Nazrul Mancha also suffered some damage due to the chaotic situation on Tuesday A gate 8 broke under the pressure of the crowd On this day, officials of KMDA’s building department visited Nazrul Mancha According to the minister, KMDA officials have recommended not to rent Nazrul Mancha for any future function of the college. Although no final decision has been made in this regard

The Prime Minister said, ‘The popularity of KK among college students was deadly. A few days ago the college kids came and I made them. After the situation, KMDA officials said that it would be better not to give college to children in future. I haven’t decided yet. The decision will be taken after discussion.

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