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Across the station, along the way, the train touches the golden history of Panchali


#Kolkata: In the background of the black and white background, the metal railway has merged far and wide among the cashew flowers. In the distance, under the gray-white sky, a locomotive with a passenger bogie is running with black smoke. Apu and Durga, fascinated by this mechanical beauty, ran and stood in the middle of Kashful. Passing in front of them, the train left for its destination. October 26, 1952. The day was Monday. The first camera shot of Pather Panchali near Pulsit station.

People still remember the creation of two Dikpals like Bibhutibhushan and Satyajit Ray and the pulsit station lying in the middle. Every year people in the area visit the station on Bibhutibhushan Banerjee’s birthday and remember him. He also remembers Ray’s birthday. Want to go back to that unforgettable scene.

At a distance of 91.8 km from Howrah, the Pulsit station under the Eastern Railway was as beautiful as the picture from the beginning. The station was renovated after 2020. With the gradual addition of seating, platform sheds, waiting rooms, foot overbridges, drinking water and new platforms, Pulsit is now on the verge of becoming a full-fledged station. In the sweetness of the beauty station of Pulsit. There are a lot of trains all day now.

A total of 50 local trains, including up and down trains, are getting on and off. If you want to cheer up your mind in the late afternoon, you can turn around in the middle of an innocent nature near Pulsit station. Nature will always give you selfless love. You can spend a gentle afternoon in such love. A few days later, the farewell tune of autumn will be played. At the end of Ashwin, this Kashaban disappears.

The autumn festival begins. The scent of new crops will blend into nature. This autumn cashew flower does not only satisfy the hunger of nature lovers for beauty. The dried tree of this flower became a broom, fuel, fence of the house or some other material for making the roof of the cottage.

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