#Kolkata: The most popular web series of the moment is undoubtedly ‘Money Heist’. Jadavpur University is one of the most popular educational institutions in the country. But the addition of these two? This is probably beyond imagination. But that is what happened this time. Money Heist and Jadavpur University were surprisingly associated with Money Heist. ‘Tokyo’ is one of the most popular characters in the series, fascinated by the talents of the students of Kolkata educational institutions. He said in a video message.

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Let’s say the matter openly now. Inspired by the ‘Money Heist’ series, Aratrika Basu, a university student, painted a picture of ‘Dali Masque’ on the wall of Money Heist and Jadavpur University. The photo was shared on an Instagram profile called ‘The Jadavpur University’. And after the eyes of ‘Tokyo’. He came on Facebook Live and praised it. The students and alumni of the university (Money Heist and Jadavpur University) including BA second year philosophy students Aratrika are floating in joy.

In fact, Ursula Corbero aka Tokyo is fascinated by this artwork of a student of a Calcutta educational institution. He praised Bhuiyan in the video message. Ursula expressed his fascination with the Spanish language. He also said that this feeling is ‘serial’ to him. Seeing the caption of the photo, he also said, “Long live the resistance.” Ursula Corbero also expressed her fascination by showing love signs at the end of the video.

Spanish crime drama ‘Money Heist’ aka ‘La Casa de Papel’. It was first aired on a Spanish channel as a limited series. The streaming giant Netflix later bought the rights to the popular series. As soon as the series aired on Netflix, it became very popular. Interestingly, the Spanish series has the largest number of viewers and fans in India. In addition to the character of the professor in the series, characters like Lisbon, Nairobi, Berlin, Tokyo are praised. Tokyo is played by Spanish actress Ursula Corberó.

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A recent episode of ‘Money Heist’ features the death of a Tokyo character played by Ursula. The fans of the series got hurt a lot. They liked the kindness of the Tokyo character. A video paying tribute to Tokyo has also been shared by Netflix. Where the huge picture of Tokyo has been painted. However, Tokyo and Ursula have chosen the wall paintings of Bengali students. He spoke for himself.

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