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Adhir Chowdhury || Adhir Chowdhury is stepping down as the President of the Provincial Congress? The speculation started in the ‘new policy’ of the party


#Kolkata: The high command wants to shape the Congress. And for that the team has taken several steps. One of them is one person one term. And this has created a number of possibilities. As in the case of Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, President of the Provincial Congress. State MP Adhir Chowdhury is the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha. At the same time the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee or PC. He is again serving as the President of the Provincial Congress.

According to party sources, the party has no plans to remove him as Leader of the Opposition. In that case, Adhir Chowdhury may have to resign from the post of provincial president. But who will be the next president depends on the tactics of the Congress in the state tomorrow. In national politics, the Congress wants to bring all the anti-BJP political parties in the same circle. The same strategy is left. But in state politics, the Left-Congress alliance did not yield any political results. On the contrary, due to lack of alliance with the Congress, the Left has risen to the second position, leaving the BJP behind. They have got that indication by conducting several election surveys. As a result, interest in a direct alliance with the Congress has greatly diminished in the Left camp. A program has also been taken to bring together 15 Left parties. There is also a demand to make it stronger in the future.

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According to a section of political experts, the Congress has been bleeding since Adhir Chowdhury became the provincial president. Therefore, in this case, the Congress will walk the path of appointing a new provincial president. And on that will depend the future political strategy of the Congress in the state.

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After the party’s ‘Nab Sankalp’ camp in Udaipur, the Congress leadership wants to make a big change in the organization. In addition to the message of resigning from any post for more than five consecutive years or adhering to the ‘one person, one post’ policy, this time there is talk of forming committees at all levels or allocating 50% seats for those under 50 years of age.

The five-point organizational policy outline of the AICC states: No one can hold the same post for more than five years. Leaders like Shankar Malakar, Nepal Mahato, Mohit Sengupta, Tapas Majumdar have been in the post of district president for a long time. In their case, the Congress is still debating whether any steps should be taken to implement this new organizational policy.


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