#Kolkata: The light of CPIM is shining brightly in Shantipur. Once again, the Congress could not cut the stain. Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is not shirking the blame for the failure. Immediately after the result of the by-election, this time Prashant Kishore was his target.

Adhir Chowdhury said, “It is difficult to maintain bail in this by-election. We have accepted that the Congress organization is weak.” We participated in the vote knowing that we would lose. Wherever their organization was there they advanced. The CPIM was therefore fighting hard. We like it, commented Adhir Chowdhury.

As soon as the vote was over, the message of the alliance was on the face of Mamata Banerjee. But gradually the whole party started chanting against the Congress. Mamata-Abhishek, however, explained the position. Their argument was that they would not be slow in opposing the BJP. Adhir, however, is looking at the matter in a different way. “Narendra Modi will be happy if the Congress is weak after the polls. Prashant Kishore is doing a good job. Prashant Kishore and his nephew are running the Trinamool party,” he said. Adhir Chowdhury commented. “

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Eager to understand the reason for this step of the grassroots, he has created his own chronology. In his words, “On August 20, Didi went to Delhi and met Sonia and Rahul. Nandigram wrote letters to all the opposition parties on the day of the election. And after September 7, Didi turned upside down!”

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In many states, the Congress still has a strong position. “It is not possible to fight the BJP without the Congress. Didi will lose to the BJP. It seems after September 7, it is not known whether the Trinamool leader has any grassroots leadership at all,” he said.

Anxious, he says, Congress needs to figure out why Didi suddenly feels bad. Didi’s alliance with the Congress has brought power to the state. But since September 7, Didir has been feeling bad about the Congress. It felt good to be the youth leader of the Congress party. “The day I summoned his nephew to the ED’s office, the Congress began to feel bad,” Adhir argued.

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