Adibasi Durga Puja: Pujo begins in the life of Bengalis, how are the Durgas of far-villages?

#Kolkata: ‘Buy a silk bangle, otherwise I will go … is this your harassment …’ – the song could be heard in different places at one time. Since the song was composed keeping pace with the times, the song could not be heard in such a way for several years in between. The state of the socio-economic system then, many say, has been repeating itself for two years. The whole of Bengal has gathered for Durga Puja. Meteche district from Kolkata city. People have come down the street to see Durga Tagore. Pujo competition is going on. Has anyone ever wondered how the forts of distant villages are? Not too far, just a few kilometers from Kolkata.

In the Leather Complex police station area, the forts were visited by the adivasi para-tong para. Today, the fifth, emotionless eyes seem to be saying something! When Prashant Babu handed over the clothes, the filth of the forts seemed to be falling to the ground. Everyone was going back home with sari in their hands and shy eyes, full of happiness.

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Sabi Munda (55) earns three to four thousand rupees in a month. Keep the clothes you wear very carefully. If the clothes are torn, it is very difficult to buy a cloth again. However, he said he would go to see Durga Thakur. But if you can buy clothes for the children of the house. He said without any hassle – he has become accustomed to wearing new clothes, when everyone blows the horn to see Tagore or comes back, with his grandchildren in his lap, he enjoys sitting on the side of the road and watching the fair passengers. Is that true? He raised his hand to the sky to ask a question, as if he meant something. One of them explained, ‘Bishwanath looked at the scene in amazement.’ So Durgara? He said, ‘They pull and stand. They hold the helm. They work in the city and in the desert.’ But the money, what will happen if there is no Aishwarya, they are funny.

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