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Aged Man Murdered In Kolkata, City Kolkata Murdered Old Man Murder – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: On Tuesday afternoon, a call was received on 100 dials in Lalbazar saying that the rotten body of an old man was lying in a bloody state. News from Lalbazar reached Jadavpur police station.

The investigating officer of Jadavpur police station rushed to the spot as soon as the phone rang. According to the locals, Kundu did not pick up the phone for two days. Nidhi’s relatives opened the door with a duplicate key when they saw the door closed.

As soon as the key of the room was opened, it was seen that Nidhi’s body was lying under the bed with rotten throat. A closer look reveals that the body was wrapped in thick plastic.

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The investigating officer immediately informed Lalbazar. The Homicide Department and Scientific Branch of Lalbazar came to the spot. They can easily understand by looking at the scene, this mysterious death is actually murder.

Acting SSD Deputy Commissioner Atul V reached the spot. Police tried to decipher the incident by talking to several relatives. Mobile phones, television sets and laptops disappeared from the house.

Joint Commissioner Crime Murli Dhar Sharma reached the spot. Asking several people, it is learned that Nidhi Kundu’s wife died about eight years ago. The old man lived alone since then. Neighbors also saw the 7-year-old coming out of the house last Saturday, police said.

Acting SSD Deputy Commissioner Atul V said the rotten body wrapped in plastic was recovered and sent for autopsy. Although there were no signs of injuries on the body, various items were reported missing.

Trying to find out if anything else is missing. Detectives say the initial guess is for this murder robbery. According to police sources, the old man died before lunch on Sunday.

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The last tower location of the closed mobile phone is known to be cool. Although there was blood on the floor of the house, it was kept tidy. However, CCTV cameras were found in a house opposite the old man’s residence. Police have collected footage from that camera. Police are not ruling out any possibility of death of a lonely old man.

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