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Agnimitra Paul: Agnimitra Paul’s counter to the strict medicine of the debut on 21st July


Kolkata: “No money will be collected on the occasion of the 21st of July Martyrs’ Remembrance Rally. Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, gave a stern statement in a preparatory meeting at the Trinamool Bhavan in Kolkata on Friday on the occasion of the July 21 rally. Within hours of Abhishek’s warning, the BJP stabbed Abhishek Banerjee. Reacting to the remarks of Agnimitra Pal Abhishek, one of the leading faces of Banga BJP Mahila Morcha and MLA, he said, Therefore, in the face of one of the top leaders of that party, the warning not to raise money on the occasion of the martyr’s remembrance rally is unfounded. The whole party is now immersed in corruption.

Agnimitra Pal also slammed the ruling party, saying, “Every time we see a warning or a message from the leadership, the opposite is happening. Citing a recent example, the Gerua camp leader said, “Even before the last assembly vote, we saw a strong message from the party not to stir up unrest.” But in reality, we have seen the unbridled terror of the ruling party centered on the vote. ” How many have been punished by the party? What action has been taken? Raising this question, Agnimitra Pal said, “Abhishek Banerjee’s statement not to raise money on the occasion of Ekushey rally will be the opposite this time as well.”

Agnimitra also said in a sarcastic tone against Abhishek Banerjee, “In fact, if everyone raises money, his share will be reduced a lot. So he is forbidding everyone to raise money. But the grassroots leaders and activists have reached such a point that no matter how much the party says it will not tolerate tolbaji, the grassroots will not be able to stay even for a moment without raising or raising money.

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Incidentally, after two years, this year again the Trinamool will hold a rally on July 21 in Dharmatala. The ruling party of Bengal has already released the poster. The Trinamool leadership held a meeting on Friday with important leaders of the party, district presidents and heads of branch organizations to discuss the martyrs’ rally. Apart from Abhishek, the meeting was also attended by state president Subrata Bokshi, Trinamool secretary general Perth Chatterjee, Kolkata mayor Firhad Hakim, youth leader Saini Ghosh and other leaders.

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According to party sources, Abhishek said at the meeting, “We all have to join hands to make this rally a success. However, no one from the party will be able to raise money because of the rally. “As soon as a complaint is made against someone, the party investigates it and if the allegation is found to be true, then strict action will be taken against that particular person.”

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