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Agnipath Agitation in Bengal || In Bengal, protests over the Centre’s Agnipath project have sparked protests in Bengal


#Kolkata: The fire of Agnipath is now in Bengal. Processions and gatherings in several places since Friday morning. All the district administrations have been warned in this regard. It has been asked to emphasize that there should be no chaos in any way The whole district is constantly being monitored for renewal. Attempts to hold processions or gatherings at several places in Howrah Purulia have been blocked by the state police.

The departure from the state due to protests over the Centre’s Agnipath project and the running of several trains bound for West Bengal also had an impact. Train traffic was disrupted mainly due to rail blockade in Bihar, vandalism at the station and arson. According to the railways, the problem has arisen due to protests at the railway tracks and stations in the east.

Not only that, the Mumbai Mail between Sasaram and Bhavya stations in Bihar was reportedly attacked. It is alleged that the train was attacked with stones, sticks and guns Fearing for their lives, the passengers hid under the seats

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Howrah-New Delhi Purba Express, Howrah-Lalkua Express, Howrah-Dhanbad Black Diamond Express, Ranchi-Patna Pataliputra Express, Danapur-Tata Express, Asansol-Tata Express, Joy Express, Trains are running late like 8

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