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Agnipath || Opposing Agnipath, India called for a ban, a precautionary measure on the part of the state


#Kolkata: Opposing Agnipath, several organizations called for a ban on India. Each Divisional Commissioner, IC of each police station and Superintendent of Police of each district have been directed to take precautionary measures in this regard. According to Navanna, the state does not support the ban. All measures must be taken to maintain law and order. Adequate security measures should be taken in every government office. Central government offices should be similarly guarded. Violent activities will not be tolerated. The state has been directed to take adequate measures regarding tomorrow’s ban.

Amid widespread protests across the country against the new military recruitment Agnipath project, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul’s allegation is that the Prime Minister of the country has repeatedly forced the youth to walk the ‘fire path’ of unemployment with false hopes of employment. Rahul further said that despite the promise of giving 160 million jobs in eight years, the young generation of the country has only gained knowledge about ‘televaja bhaja’. Top leaders, including Congress MP and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Bora, have joined the youth protesting against the Agnipath project and sat in a ‘satyagraha’ in Jantar Mantar.

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The Center on Saturday announced a number of announcements, including a 10 per cent reservation for vacant posts in the Ministry of Defense and paramilitary forces for firefighters. The Centre’s decision was aimed at quelling violent protests in many states against the new military recruitment plan and the opposition’s demand for a ceasefire.

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