Ahiritola Building Collapse: On the day of losing the first child and mother, the mother became Ahiritola Ganga for the second time

Kolkata: How is his eldest daughter? The Ahiritola Building Collapse is a Ganga horse. No one has been able to inform Ganga Ghorui, who has just given birth to her second daughter, that her 2-year-old Sreejika is no more. On Wednesday, the day of the death of the first child, the mother of the second daughter was Ganga 8 Ganga’s mother Champa, who lost her life on this day, also died Births and deaths were combined with the collapse of a house in Ahiritola

The two-story house at 10 Ahiritola Street collapsed in the rain on Wednesday morning. The Calcutta Municipality had earlier termed the house ‘dangerous’ But the poor horse family was forced to stay in that house Police from the local Jorabagan police station and disaster management officials rushed to the spot after the house collapsed. Sushant Ghorui, a civic volunteer by profession, was rescued first After that, his wife Ganga was brought out Ganga’s mother Champa and 2-year-old child Srijika 7 were still trapped in the wrecked house

About 6 hours after the accident, little Srijika was taken out of the collapsed house A few moments later, Srima’s grandmother Champadevi was released

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When little Srijika was barred, she was unconscious, dull. He was rushed to Calcutta Medical College by ambulance. However, the last was not saved. Emergency doctors pronounced him dead. On the other hand, Champadevi was admitted to Arjikar Hospital He also died there on Wednesday afternoon

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A week ago, Ganga was given caesarean section on Tuesday at the Arjikar Hospital When he went to the hospital that day, he was given a date to have a caesarean section on Thursday considering his physical condition. But disaster struck before him. After rescuing her from the collapsed house, Ganga, who was injured in the leg, was admitted to Arjikar Medical College Hospital. There she gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday afternoon. The condition of the newborn baby weighing 2 kg 600 is stable. On the other hand, the Ganges has been kept in the HDU section for physical observation. He still knows that Srijika is well

Doctors released Sushant from the hospital in the afternoon after initial treatment. He is speechless after losing his beloved two-year-old daughter. His brother Prashant Ghorui said, “Our whole family was devastated. Sreejika is gone, the new girl is Sreejika. Where a happy breeze was supposed to blow on the arrival of a new guest, there is an atmosphere of suffocating mourning today. Our family is very poor, I don’t know if we will be able to stand up again tomorrow. ” The body was handed over to the family in the evening after an autopsy at the morgue of the medical college.

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