#Kolkata: The hospital declared the child dead from the rubble of an old house in Ahiritola. Heavy rains last night caused a house in the Ahiritola area to collapse (Ahiritola Building Collapsed) on Wednesday morning. A total of seven people were trapped inside the house. The fire brigade, Kolkata police rescue team and disaster management team rescued seven people but the child could not be rescued. The name of the dead child is Shizika Gharui. Age is only 2 years and 8 months.

Sources said the child was only three years old. Her father is a civic volunteer by the name of Sushant Gharui. Sushant himself is currently undergoing treatment at Calcutta Medical College in critical condition. The child’s mother, Sushantar’s wife, was also among the seven rescued. The pregnant woman is also expected to be taken to Arjikar Medical College Hospital.

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According to sources, the municipality had declared the house dangerous long ago. Six people were trapped in the collapsed part of the house (Ahiritola Building Collapsed). The other part had 12 residents. Assuming the house was collapsing in the morning, the 12 people left the house. But these seven got stuck, and the house collapsed. Arriving at the spot, the fire brigade and the police disaster response team rescued a total of five people in an unconscious state. But the child and his grandmother were stuck. The NDRF rescued the two some time later. Four hours have passed since then. The baby was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Reporter-Abhijit Chand, Anup Chakraborty

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