#Kolkata: The relationship was almost severed This time, Ajanta Biswas severed ties with the CPM Her other identity is that she is the daughter of the late Anil Biswas, former state secretary of CPM

According to sources, Ajanta has not renewed his party membership even after the stipulated time As a result, he severed ties with the party

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Incidentally, CPM7 had earlier suspended Ajanta Biswas for six months Ajanta was show cause on behalf of the party for writing an article in the Trinamool mouthpiece ‘Jago Bangla’. In that article, Ajanta praised Mamata Banerjee as a female leader Unsatisfied with Professor Ajanta’s response to his profession, the party suspended him in the end

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Ajanta’s writings were published in two installments in ‘Jago Bangla’ After the first installment was printed, the CPM asked Ajanta to withdraw the text But Ajanta did not do that He was later suspended for six months According to sources, Ajanta has not renewed his membership in the CPM since then

Ajanta, however, is not the first, after Bashundhara Goswami, daughter of the late Kshitij Goswami, an RSP leader and former state minister, joined the grassroots by pushing the Left Shibir. He was also elected as a councilor of Kolkata municipality after winning the Trinamool ticket Only time will tell what Ajanta decides about his political future

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