Alapan Bandyopadhyay: Who sent the letter of death to Alapan Bandyopadhyay! The answer is hidden in the CCTV footage?

Kolkata: Alapan Bandyopadhyay debates Gaurahari Mishra in the debate. Gaurahari Mishra was the name of the sender in the death threat letter to Alapan Bandyopadhyay, former chief secretary of the state and now chief adviser to the chief minister. Who is a Lab Assistant in the Department of Chemical Technology, Rajabazar Science College. Detectives in Lalbazar spoke to Mahua Ghosh, the department’s head (his name was written in an attempt letter).

Mahua Ghosh told investigators that Gourahari could not send the letter. He is a very good boy. ”He did not send the threatening letter. Gaurahari Mishra himself said that he did not know why his name was used.

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Do you suspect anyone? Investigators want to know from Gourahari. He replied, ‘No. I do not understand why my name was used. That is what Goura Haribabu told the Kolkata police investigators. In a letter to the Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University, the man who threatened to kill her husband sent a threatening letter through a speed post using a fake name.

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So who sent the death threat letter to Alapana Banerjee? An investigation is underway to find the real sender. Investigators have gathered more information about the letter sent from GPO speed post a. CC camera footage of certain post offices is also being examined. Incidentally, the detectives found a post office in South Kolkata. From there, a death threat letter was sent to Alapana Banerjee through speed post. CC camera footage of that post office is very important in the investigation at the moment. Investigating officers of the Kolkata Police are trying to find out the real identity of the sender of the letter from the CCTV footage of the day when a person sent a death threat letter to Alapana Banerjee through speed post from the post office. Police desperate to decipher the death threat letter.

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