#Kolkata: Promod Dasgupta Bhavan 7 is looking for a way to alleviate Alimuddin’s discomfort Alimuddin Street in discomfort with the alliance. In the municipal elections, the alliance with the Congress will not accept the partner forward bloc at all.

This was stated at a meeting of the State Left Front on Monday. On the other hand, the CPM does not want to take responsibility for breaking the alliance with the Congress. Biman Basu and Suryakanta Mishra are in this situation. The district Left Front was given the responsibility by the state leadership to quickly show the strength of the organization’s waist in order to contest the elections.

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Promod Dasgupta Bhaban sat in a meeting in Kolkata in the afternoon on the instructions of the State Left Front. At the meeting of the Calcutta District Left Front, the Forward Bloc also stated its firm position on the Congress. In this situation, the Kolkata district leadership of the CPM started trying to find a new way. So far, it has been decided that even if there is no formal alliance, the candidates of the front may be decided by leaving 20 to 25 seats. The Congress will field candidates in all those seats. One or two apolitical or other organizations may be without seats.

A leader of the Kolkata district CPM said, “We will give up some seats and field candidates from the Left Front. The Congress can field candidates there. What if a partner demands a seat without the left? The leader said, “It could happen in one or two seats. Then there could be a friendly fight in that seat. But that possibility is very low.”

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According to sources, the Forward Bloc is claiming the seat won by the Congress in the 29th ward of Kolkata Municipality. Veteran Congress leader Prakash Upadhyay won that seat. He has also led the alliance’s programs on various issues from the front. According to that source, the party has demanded a seat for this leader close to the CPM. The leadership is also continuing discussions to smooth the way for the alliance by going beyond that entanglement.

However, the forehead of the CPM has been reduced a lot as the partners other than the Forward Bloc are on the side of the big partner in the question of alliance.

Meanwhile, the state leadership breathed a sigh of relief at night due to the tactics of the Kolkata District CPM. But I don’t believe in it. So Promod Dasgupta Bhavan is looking for new ways to ease Alimuddin’s difficulties.

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