Alipore Police Station: Electricity supply from sunlight, Green Police Station from Alipur Police Station

Kolkata: This is the first time that Alipore Police Station has been identified as Green Police Station (Alipore Police Station as Green Police Station). Alipore police station has taken an innovative initiative to reduce the extra electricity bill. Ten solar panels were installed. Which will reduce the extra electricity bill and prevent environmental pollution. Usually the lights and fans are on all the time in the police stations. As a result, the electricity bill is much higher. Alipore Police Station Officer-in-Charge Arup Bandopadhyay said, “The electricity bill in Alipore Police Station was one lakh seven thousand rupees in April-May last year. Will generate 4.5 kilowatts of electricity per hour. Through which all the lights and fans in the police station will run. “

According to police sources, CESC has to pay around Tk 16 crore a year to Kolkata police in all police stations. As a result, if this solar panel pilot project takes an effective role, Kolkata Police is thinking of installing similar solar panels in other police stations in the future. All the lights, fans and computers of the two police barracks in Alipore police station and Alipore police station where the police personnel live will be powered by the solar panel.

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The police station and barracks have a total of 90 fans and 120 tube lights. All this goes through solar panels. The electricity generated by the solar panel will reduce the level of carbon dioxide and will save the green plants from damage. This is the first time Alipore Thana has been identified as a Green Thana. For this a separate net meter has been installed in the police station. The electricity generated through solar panels will be used in the police station from morning till sunset. Excess electricity generated after use in the police station will go to CESC. The CESC will use that electricity and the CESC will adjust it with the electricity cost of Alipore police station.

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Solar panels are also very easy to maintain. Water should be given from time to time. There is no need for anything extra. Three and a half lakh rupees has been spent for this solar panel. Expenditure has been made from CSR fund They have helped Alipore police station by bearing the cost of these solar panels. The cost of electricity bill is increasing. This time it is a fancy initiative of Alipore police station to reduce the cost of that extra electricity bill.

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